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How Teracloud is helping Worldly expand their platform worldwide

Executive Summary

Wordly is a public-benefit technology company launched in 2019 that remains the licensee of the Higg Index, a methodology developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition for the standardized measurement of value chain sustainability.

Worldly developed a software platform that includes advanced analytics, reporting, and disclosure tools. So the company needed an AWS Consulting Partner to help them manage their cloud infrastructure to meet quality standards.

Since Teracloud started working with Worldly, the infrastructure’s security, performance, and reliability improved drastically.

About Worldly

Worldly is an integrated software platform that helps you take responsibility for your entire impact – from materials to products, from factories to stores, and from carbon emissions to working conditions.

Worldly was launched in 2019 as a public-benefit technology company, to build software for assessment methodologies developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Known as the Worldly Index, this suite of measurement tools is the most widely used within the apparel and footwear industries.

In recent years, we’ve expanded the capabilities of our platform to include advanced analytics, tracking, and disclosure tools. In addition, we’re proud to work with multiple partners across industries to integrate complementary data and technical capabilities, to provide our users with a single source for ESG performance data.

Worldly's Challenges

The customer needed a deep digital transformation to support their growth while their expand across the globe. Furthermore, it was developing a platform that focuses on creating a sustainable profitable digital business model to meet their financial product needs based on their life cycle, and most importantly attain faster time to market with minimum operating costs. The customer wanted its applications to be managed and monitored 24/7 with a complete dashboard view of AWS Cloud.


Cloud computing is on the rise, and AWS is emerging as the clear winner. With more than 40% market share of the cloud service market, Amazon Web Services is the leader in the industry. It offers cloud-based storage, virtual storage, and 70 other services to enterprises for their digital needs.

COVID-19 has driven companies to explore cloud computing more than ever. Amazon cloud business solutions enable you to move your organization to virtual channels. AWS cloud consulting is becoming popular as enterprises look to analyze how going virtual with AWS will help them reap the benefits of digital technology.

AWS is designed to allow application providers, ISVs, and vendors to quickly and securely host your applications – whether an existing application or a new SaaS-based application. You can use the AWS Management Console or well-documented web services APIs to access AWS’s application hosting platform.

Using AWS tools, Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing, your application can scale up or down based on demand. Backed by Amazon’s massive infrastructure, you have access to compute and storage resources when you need them.

Why Teracloud


Teracloud’s expertise in security and also the experience in helping all kinds of companies to scale their business in a healthy and efficient way was crucial in their decision.

Teracloud’s Certified AWS Engineers conducted a comprehensive review of the organization’s existing AWS environment. As a result of this review, Teracloud produced a report that outlined the company’s current state in terms of meeting the six pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework and specific technical recommendations for improving their environments.

  • Teracloud’s team has vast experience in security compliances and good practices.

  • APN Advanced partner with certified resources

  • Proactive and leadership attitude team

Partner Solution

The components included in this document are based on the customer requirements, industry well-architected best practices, and the AWS managed services available.

A three-tier VPC (public, private, and database subnets) deployed in two AZs

A VPN server sitting in the public subnet for accessing the VPC from the outside.

HIGG - infrastructure.drawio (2).png

Benefits for Worldly

Underlying infrastructure

A three-tier VPC (public, private, and database subnets) deployed in two AZs



Route 53 domain pointing to a Cloudfront distribution (CDN). A static website S3 bucket serves as the origin of the CF distribution. Lambda@Edge is implemented to set the appropriate HTTP security headers.



  • Multiple Backend services running on an ECS Cluster with capacity providers on EC2 instances and Fargate as well.

  • Each individual is configured with autoscaling capabilities and the ec2 capacity provider can autoscale to adjust to the demand while the batch processing and scheduled containers run in Fargate to provide isolation between workloads.

  • An Application Load Balancer sits in front of the services configured with encryption in transit and rules to drive traffic between different applications using host headers rules and target groups for each application. 



An EC2 instance running a docker container of a master CouchDB in the database subnet

Another EC2 instance running a docker container of a slave CouchDB in the database subnet.

An RDS Postgres instance is used by data engineers for analytics.


A VPN server sitting in the public subnet for accessing the VPC from the outside.

Governance and Security

A set of security toolings have been implemented. Those include Security Hub, Config, GuardDuty, WAF, Cloudtrail, Inspector, etc. We implemented encryption in transit (ACM Certificates) and in rest (with KMS keys)

From the governance perspective, we configured AWS Organizations to manage all the customer’s AWS accounts.

About the Partner

Teracloud is a fast-growing AWS Advanced Consulting Partner company created by certified cloud experts in migrating and deploying startups,  enterprises, and everything in between to the cloud. 

We have worked for companies from many different industries such as airlines, healthcare, education, and e-commerce designing, implementing,  and managing Cloud workloads with HA architecture under 99.999% uptime SLA and PCI/HIPAA compliance requirements. 

We also have a strong commitment to the Cloud community, we host local branch of AWS User Group and meetups in support of education,  evangelization, and evolution of the IT community. As an Amazon Web Services partner, we have been invited to participate in the  AWS Community Day Buenos Aires 2019 and AWS main conference in Las Vegas re:invent 2019 as speakers.

"The Teracloud team has become a deep and trusted partner and to this day runs our entire infrastructure. We have been with Teracloud since 2019.

   We have an extended and continuous engagement with them and treat them like they are part of the team and they work directly with my 50 person development team in Slack, Jira, Confluence etc. Very responsive, highly technical, and great creative partners for solving problems.I don't really foresee a day when we are not committed Teracloud customers. 

   The Teracloud team has been open and very welcoming to our internal Devops person and it's just been a great partnership all around."

John Armstrong, CTO Worldly

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