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How Teracloud helped Mindsmack
to optimize the traffic handling and ensure the availability of its platform

Executive Summary

Mindsmack is a company that provides maintenance and support services to the platform of a banking company. As part of a Marketing campaign, every Monday they send a newsletter with the artistic/sports/cultural offer, according to each user’s geographical area of interest. This action compromised site performance when an update on Mac devices set the automatic opening of incoming emails. The enormous flow of simultaneous queries to the DB affected operations not related to events, such as paying bills or consulting monthly expenses.

About Mindsmack

MindSmack specializes in the highest level of interactive web design, responsive web design, animation, 3D, advertising design, iPhone app design and development, Android app design and development. Mixed reality, AR, VR, video, editing.


“We help with websites, apps, games, real-time video, advertising, animation of any kind, motion graphics, digital displays, AR experiences and anything else you see on a screen.”

Héritas's Challenges

Weekly, the platform sends an email to its subscribers with the artistic/sports offer and the discounts available to them. Being one of the largest banking companies in the USA, the number of people who receive these emails exceeds one million. Furthermore, the vast majority of them are users of Mac devices.

In an update, Mac enabled by default the review of incoming emails in order to do security scans. This motivated the opening of hundreds of thousands of emails simultaneously, negatively impacting the site's functionality due to the congestion in the DB due to the massive queries.

The challenge then was to separate query handling from the rest of the application, to allow usability of the site and eliminate DB congestion.

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The client already has its entire platform deployed in AWS, therefore it is aware of the advantages of using this technology. On this occasion, he sought to obtain a solution that would also allow a secure, highly available, good-performance, robust, and secure API. With an instance dedicated exclusively to reading, Redis to reduce accesses to the DB and an ECS cluster mounted on EC2 to ensure high availability.


Why Mindsmack choose Teracloud

Mindsmack wanted to have an experienced AWS partner with
a strong background on high capabilities to build a secure, scalable, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads. Teracloud has shown these capabilities on past projects, and also implementation speed on similar initiatives.

Partner Solution

Following the AWS Well-Architected framework we have designed and implemented a solution that includes the 5 pillars. Security, Reliability,  Performance, Operational Excellence and Cost-effectiveness are part of this proposal. 

  • PCI compliant design 

  • Architecture based on containers under AWS ECS 

  • Continuous Integration and Delivery using CodeBuild and CodePipelines to automate 

  • Infrastructure as a Code using Terraform 

  • Secure and reliable data stores with AWS RDS read-replica with MultiAZ and Multi-layer design. 

  • Monitoring and visibility enabled by CloudWatch and notifications via slack channel

  • Separation of concerns and high availability at the VPC level with multilayer design, most appropriate for the sensibility of the financial services industry. 

Results and Benefits

By creating an ECS cluster adaptive to changes in traffic and separating the DB read to a specific instance, the application ensured that it continued to provide availability and efficient operation while a large amount of traffic coming from the email campaign was appropriately handled according to demand.


In this graph, we are able to see how our solution impacts product performance, remedying the traffic congestion in the main database.

A three-tier VPC (public, private, and database subnets) deployed in two AZs

A VPN server sitting in the public subnet for accessing the VPC from the outside.


And to check how the solution follows the incoming demand, we see how the desired capacity in the Autoscaling group varies following the increase in the Db connections


Even further, we can see how the system responds, without degradations.


Next Steps

Inspired_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia.png

Mindsmack continues growing and requires more resources to support and optimize this expansion. The excellent experience of working with Teracloud as an AWS advanced partner with certified professionals boosts Mindsmack’s productivity and performance, extending these benefits to its own customers.

In the future, Mindsmack is extending Teracloud’s involvement in
the design, development, and maintenance of new infrastructure
in Mindsmack’s ecosystem.


Teracloud’s expertise in security and also the experience in helping all kinds of companies to scale their business in a healthy and efficient way was crucial in their decision.

Some examples of this, which we have already implemented:

  • Maturity security Model Report

  • Enable AWS Organization and SSO to ensure environments isolation and manage user access and permissions more easily

  • Creation of alarms and monitoring dashboards

  • Implementation of Billing alarm

  • Creation of a new CDN

  • Enable Cloudfront Logs for the principals CDNs

  • Automate security threat detection

About the Partner

Teracloud is a fast-growing AWS Advance Consulting Partner company created by certified cloud experts migrating and deploying startups, enterprises, and everything in between to the cloud.

We have worked for companies from many different industries such as airlines, healthcare, education,
and e-commerce designing, implementing, and managing Cloud workloads with HA architecture under 99.999% uptime SLA and PCI/HIPAA compliance requirements.

Contact us and let us build a BETTER VERSION of your story, we take your business to the NEXT LEVEL

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